IELTS ADVANCED Teacher Training


IELTS Advanced Teacher Training IELTS Teaching Course

One Day Course: 5 hours

One Week Course: 2 hours per day, over 5 days

Course Modules

  • Reading
    When it comes to the Reading section, many IELTS teachers emphasise finding keys words in questions. For more difficult questions, this technique can prove inadequate on its own. In addition to key word searching, students must also do a meaning analysis.
  • Writing Task 1
    The primary goal for a student completing a Task 1 exercise is to interpret data effectively. This includes learning how to present statistics and describe trends. Students must also know how to describe data that changes over time.
  • Writing Task 2
    Of the four descriptors used for scoring in IELTS Task 2 writing, students generally have the most problems with Task Response. They need to fully address all parts of the task and present a fully developed position in answer to the question.
  • Listening
    IELTS test writers use ‘distractors’ to add difficulty to listening test questions. Distractors are designed to provide confusion in the test-taker’s mind by obfuscating correct answers. Types of distractors include a) alternate answer, b) synonym, and c) barrier.
  • Speaking
    Students often complain that it is difficult to improve fluency and pronunciation (two of the grading criteria). The key is to study how native speakers speak. They use reduced forms of words in connected speech, i.e. conversation.
  • Psychological Preparation
    There are ten key non-academic strategies that help students have the best possible mindset before an IELTS test.